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Crestwood Lake 5

* Please Note: Floyd Pink has been rescheduled for Saturday, August 6th at 8 PM *

Crestwood Lake Biathlon

The Crestwood Biathlon is a 600-meter swim in Crestwood Lake followed by a 2 mile run around the grounds. You may enter as an individual or as a 2-person relay. The age groups are female under 30, male under 30, female 30 and over, and male 30 and over for the individual races, and 1 group for any 2-person relay regardless of age or gender.


Male Over 30

1st Place – Paul Capuzzo 22:42

2nd Place – Alistair Bryan-Jones 24:27

3rd Place – David Rosenthal 26:10

Male Under 30

1st Place – Eric Dworkin 39:53

Female Under 30

1st Place – Anna Bryan-Jones 27:43

2nd Place – Alexa Groome 32:15

Female Over 30

1st Place – Elisa Mastroodla 28.25

2nd Place – Sandi Desmond 33:41

3rd Place – Jessica VanDyke 34:24


Winner – Rachel Cary and Robine Arami 23:45

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