Beach Rentals

Beach Party Rentals

There are strict locations at Crestwood Lake that can be reserved for various events for members. In order to reserve West Beach or the Red Barn, please send the appropriate forms to Borough Hall; click here for the necessary paperwork. Additionally, contact the staff at Crestwood Lake to reserve the Playground Area of the park. Feel free to contact Borough Hall at (201) 818-4400 x216 with any questions.


West Beach
Rent your own private beach for the day for parties and reunions! The beach, lake, bathroom, hibachi grill, and lifeguards are included in the reservation fee. To rent West Beach  you must be a member of Crestwood Lake and an Allendale resident.

Weekends: 12pm-7pm $350
Weekdays: 4pm-7pm $175


Red Barn
The Red Barn is a picnic-style barn that serves as a great location for any event or reunion. Larger events are recommended to this location.

Allendale Families: $250
Allendale Businesses: $500

Please be aware that after you use the Red Barn, it is your responsibility to put filled trash bags in the dumpster, and set up a new trash bag, which is provided at the bottom of the garbage bin.


Playground Beach
The Playground Beach is another separate beach area by a playground that can be rented through the Crestwood Lake Staff.

1-20 People: $100
21-40 People: $150
41+: $200


Rentals at the Lake
Crestwood now has kayaks! Enjoy some time paddling on the north side of Crestwood Lake; life-preservers will be available and must be worn. Rental will be $5 per half-hour on weekdays from 3pm-7pm and weekends from 12pm-5pm. Only those 11 years old and older may rent without an adult. Children 10 years old and younger may only ride the 2-man kayak with an adult.