220/230 W. Crescent Avenue

November 2020 

Land Use Board Agenda for the November 18, 2020 Meeting 

October 2020

Talking Points of the Virtual Town Hall Held On October 29, 2020

July- August- September 2020

-Working on updated plan & drawings with Z Plus

– Detailed budget is being reviewed and will incorporate into GMP (Guaranteed Maximum Price)

– Continued work on Redevelopment Agreement and Financial Agreements and PILOT with experts

– Public bids awarded for remediation. Ambient started  mid September and is awaiting sample results before capping the project

Application scheduled for the October 21 LUB meeting – please click here for the agenda. 

– Retained Real Estate attorney Sean R. McGowan, Esq. Bertone/Piccini to co-counsel and review Municipal Facility Agreement

– Still awaiting grant info from NJDEP

April- May- June 2020


– Hampshire is proposing a new deal, numbers aren’t working, and it is amplified by Covid19. Residential and self-storage numbers are down.

– Hampshire proposed 12 extra units and keep warehouse initially with possibility to change to self-storage in the future

– Borough agreed to 10 extra units and warehouse provided no last mile distribution center and no tractor trailers

– Fair Share Housing wanted amendment to ‘COAH’ units to include more very low family

– LUB approves new Redevelopment plan

– Borough approved & signed amended PSA- (link)

– Confirmed that we cannot carve out senior housing because of Fed Housing Law

January-February -March 2020

– Working on Metes and Bounds Agreement

– Purchased PLL policy

– ZPlus working on drawings for Municipal facility

October-November- December 2019

– Environmental is delineated to small area under parking lot behind property only. Front property is clean. Determined that contamination was Historic Fill. Borough did thorough due diligence with a preliminary Assessment and Phase 1 and Phase 2 prior to purchasing property.

– SIP was approved by EPA.

– Continued work on PSA to update- All Hands meeting with all experts from buyer and seller to negotiate terms

– Working on conveyance Agreement & Storage Agreement

– Discussions regarding schedule of values for Muni building

– Fair Share Housing brought up Federal Housing Act- Hired attorney to review


July August September 2019

– Working with environmental firm to delineate existing historic fill contaminants and test site. Filed paperwork with government agencies according to environmental law. Continued meetings with Hampshire to amend PSA. Hired Environmental Attorney.

– Rent money is up to 1 MM and will be used to pay down debt only.

– Due diligence continues… Reviewing terms for PLL policy

– Investigating environmental grants from DEP

June 10, 2019 Update

– The “due diligence” process continues.

– Bob Benecke of Benecke Economics has been tasked with creating the PILOT. Mayor and Council representatives will be meeting with him in the next few weeks to discuss.

– The Vision Committee met. Room requirements for the community/senior center were discussed.

– The architects, Z Plus (retained by Hampshire), are moving forward with the schematic building design. Allendale has retained Bruno Cividini, architect/PE, to help guide us through this process and next steps with various engineers.

– A needs/work-flow assessment is being conducted with Borough employees for the new Borough Hall.

– Environmental due diligence came back with additional contaminants under the parking lot in back building (230 West Crescent Ave.) This has been reported to the NJDEP. Allendale has retained its own consultant, RTP, to advise and guide the Borough through necessary processes and to ensure that the recommended plan and outcome is executed. They will be working in conjunction with the environmental firm from Hampshire (J.M Sorge Inc.).

– Fair share housing-compliance certification is moving along. Allendale continues to work with its planner, Mary Beth Lonergan.

– 5000 sq.ft. storage facility contract has been finalized and agreed upon by all parties. This is for the storage space that the Borough will be utilizing in 230 West Crescent Ave.

April 30, 2019 Update

– The Vision Committee met April 2, 2019 and members have been visiting several “community/senior” centers in the northern New Jersey area for informational purposes.

– The “due diligence” period continues as does the preparation and negotiation of ancillary agreements with the Buyer, including but not limited to a Redevelopment Plan, PILOT Agreement, and construction contract etc.

March 20, 2019 Update

Below is a high-level overview of the development at the 220/230 West Crescent Avenue properties:

– In December 2018, the Borough signed a contract to sell certain portions of the two properties located at 220 and 230 West Crescent Avenue to Hampshire Properties (“the Buyer”). The Borough gave a presentation of the details of the Purchase and Sale Agreement by Mayor Emeritus Liz White in December 2018.

– In connection with the Contract of Sale, the Buyer has a set period of time to conduct its “due diligence” inspections of the properties to determine if there are any impediments with the purchase. While the “due diligence” period has not yet been concluded, by all indications, the results of the inspections have been favorable and it appears likely that the Buyer will be proceeding with the transaction accordingly.

– During this “due diligence” period, the Borough has been very busy preparing and negotiating several ancillary agreements with the Buyer, including but not limited to a Redevelopment Plan, PILOT Agreement, and construction contract etc.

– Once the “due diligence” period is concluded, the ancillary documents are completed, and it is confirmed that the Buyer will be moving forward, the Borough will then be proceeding with and continuing its discussions and plans to develop the front part of 220 West Crescent Avenue property to build a new municipal facility (i.e. Borough Hall and community/senior center).

– On March 18, 2019, the Borough met with the Vision Committee to review an initial concept plan and further explain the steps of the process. We plan to meet again in early April.

– Once the due diligence period is completed, the Borough intends to be as transparent as possible by giving ongoing updates via the Borough website in a separate tab called 220/230.