Construction and Zoning Office

Construction and Zoning Office


The Construction Code Office hours are Monday through Friday between 9 am and 1 pm.  During this time, residents can pick-up or drop-off permit information, as well as ask any questions they may have. Click here to view the complete Code Book for the Borough of Allendale, which contains all of the Borough’s ordinances.  Please note that Chapter 270 includes all zoning requirements.

Office Hours of Operation: Mon – Fri 9 AM -1 PM

Building Inspections: Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 9 AM – 12:30 PM
Fire Inspections: Tues/Thurs: 9 AM – 12:30 PM
Plumbing Inspections: Tues/Thurs 11 AM – 2 PM
Electrical Inspections: Tues/Thurs 3 PM – 6 PM

Please call (201) 818-4400 x201 to schedule inspections. Due to the high volume of inspections and the office’s part-time staff, please allow a week lead time for inspections.

When filling up your pool you must notify the Construction Department for approval. Pools cannot be filled during the 1st or 4th Quarters of the year.

Minimum Residential Zoning Area and Setback Requirements

Request for Property Information


As Per ORD: 1996-713 et sec.

COAH Fees are applicable on any addition or new construction.  These fees apply to both Residential and Commercial properties.

Certificate of Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance from Fire Prevention and Zoning is required for the transfer of tenancy and/or ownership of a property in the Borough of Allendale.

An application should be submitted ASAP to prevent closing delays.

Certificate of Compliance

Construction Permits – Please Click Here For New State Permit Requirements

The following require you apply for a permit through the Building Department:

• Enlarging a window or door
Water Heater (replacement or new)
• Boiler (replacement or new)
• Furnace (replacement or new)
• A/C & HVAC (replacement or new) (you must submit application with a survey or a clear picture of location)
• Addition
• Enclosing an open porch room
• Bath & Kitchen Renovations – applies to single family homes – if you are doing a direct replacement – no permit is required If you are taking down walls, changing the location of fixture and lights or adding fixtures and lights – you then need a permit
• Bath & Kitchen Renovation – Townhouse, condo, two-family – a permit is required.
• Replace Electric stove with Gas Stove
• Basement Renovation
• Any new wiring
• In Ground or Above Ground Pool
• Pool Fence
• Installing a fireplace
• Installing a gas insert into a fire place
• Installing a concrete patio
• Installing – installing a brand new deck
• Shed – if 200 sqft or under a Shed Zoning permit must be submitted along with a survey – if over 200 sqft – a building permit is submitted
• Underground Sprinkler – a Plumbing permit is required for the backflow preventor & if installing an outlet – an Electrical permit is required


• Roofs
• Siding
• Direct Replacement of windows or doors
• Painting your house
• Installing floor material (carpet or tile)
• Replacing drywall, plastering a wall
• Replacing a faucet or valve
• Replacing a light fixture
• Installing an alarm system
• Replacing kitchen cabinets
• Replacing a deck – any part of a deck, porch or stoop that does not provide structural support for any roof or portion of a building may be replaced
• Gutters
• Spas/Hot Tubs – Storable spas and hot tubs may be installed when provided with a lockable safety cover that complies with ASTM F1346
• Alarms
• Communication wiring

Please click below for technical sheets

Building Subcode Technical
Electrical Subcode Technical
Fire Protection Subcode Technical
Plumbing Subcode Technical
Mechanical Technical Sheet

Construction Permit Jacket 

Tree Removal Permits
A property owner may remove up to Six (6) live trees within a given 12 month period (beginning at the date of permit issuance). To be considered a tree, it must be a minimum of six (6) inches in diameter at a height of four feet above the ground. You can obtain a tree permit through the Construction Department at a cost of $20.00. The Tree Removal Permit Application can be acquired outside of the Code Enforcement Office in Borough Hall or under Forms/Licensing/Permits

Zoning Review Application
The Allendale resident must be reviewed by the Zoning Board when he/she is doing an addition to the home, as well as an installation of a shed, cabana, pool, or fence. In order to access a Zoning Review Application, click here or come into Borough Hall to pick up the form outside of the Code Enforcement Office. See below for the secondary forms necessary for sheds and fences.

Zoning Review Application

Zoning Certificate App for Non-Residential Use

Shed Zoning Permits
For sheds 100 square feet or less, the property owner must fill out a Shed Zoning Permit Application, obtained by clicking here or outside of the Code Enforcement Office at Borough Hall.  The fee for this permit is $50. If the Shed is 101 square feet or greater, a Shed Zoning Approval, as well as a Construction Permit, are required.  This Construction Permit may only be picked up at Borough Hall.  Additionally, sheds must be at least 6 feet from the side & rear property lines, and at least 10 feet from any principle building.  A current survey of the location of the shed is required for the review along with a complete set of construction drawings of the shed.


Fence Zoning Permits
A Fence Zoning application is required for the installation of a fence.  The fee for this permit is $40.  A current property survey clearly showing the fence location is required for the review as well as staking of proposed fence location. Fences within 15 feet of the property line may be erected to a height of not more than 4 feet.  Beyond 15 feet from the property line, it may be erected to a height 6 feet maximum.  Construction permits are required for fences exceeding 6 feet in height and if they are enclosing swimming pools.  The Construction Permit must get picked up at Borough Hall outside of the Code Enforcement Office; the Fence Zone Permit form can be found by clicking here.


Real Estate Sign Permits
A Real Estate Sign permit must be obtained in order to post a temporary Real Estate sign on the property.  You can obtain this permit through the Construction Department for a fee of $45.  The application for the permit can be found by clicking here.


Temporary Sign Permits
A Temporary Sign permit must be obtained in order to post a temporary sign in Allendale.  You can obtain this permit through the Construction Department for a fee of $20.  Click here. 


Soil Movement Permit
A soil movement permit is required for the disturbance of 50 cubic yards or more of soil.  In order to receive this permit, the homeowner must fill out the Soil Movement Application, found outside of the Code Enforcement Office at Borough Hall or by clicking here.

Fee Schedule

Click here for the Allendale Building Department fee schedule.

Call Before You Dig

Attention Homeowners! Are You Digging?

Remember to call before you dig 1-800-272-1000 to locate underground facilities.

The Underground Facility Protection Act, better known as the “One Call Law,” requires that anyone digging must call 1-800-272-1000, so that operators can mark out their underground utilities. Anyone digging to install, remove or replace trees, tree stumps, curbs, street and sign posts, mailbox posts, fences, construct decks, additions, create new gardens, etc. must call.

The One-Call System will notify the operators of underground facilities to mark out your planned activity. You must wait three (3) business days for your mark-out and not more than 10 days before you begin your project. Your notification is good for 30 business days,

Online Forms

Temporary Storage Permit

Non – Residential Zoning

Driveway Zoning

Fence Zoning Permit

Shed Zoning

Zoning Review

Certificate of Compliance

Soil Movement

Dumpster Permit

Sidewalk Permit

Tree Removal Permit

Temporary Sign Permit