Land Use Board

Land Use Board

The Allendale Land Use Board fulfills the responsibilities’ of both a Planning Board and a Zoning Board of Adjustment. It consists of volunteers appointed by the Mayor who are responsible for preparing the Borough Master Plan, subdivisions, site plan review and residential variances in compliance with requirements of the New Jersey Municipal Land Use Law (MLUL). Their responsibility also includes making recommendations to the Governing Body regarding changes to the zoning ordinances, official map and capital improvement projects planned within the Borough of Allendale.


The Allendale Land Use Board will meet the challenge of maintaining the quality of life of the community. This is evidenced by the effect it has had on the orderly development and redevelopment of our lands into a harmonious blend of residential, recreation, commercial and open space land uses. Combined with our excellent schools, superior community services, abundant employment opportunities, availability of mass transportation, variety of housing alternatives, and prudent fiscal policies of the Governing Body, Allendale is considered a great place to live. These are just some of the reasons why over 6,000 residents choose to live in our town.


All members of this Land Use Board are residents of Allendale except Chris Botta, Esq., Board Attorney, Mike Vreeland, Board Engineer and Ed Snieckus, Professional Planner, a consultant to the Land Use Board. The board consists of nine regular members and two alternate members.


Kevin Quinn, Chair
Michael A. Sirico, Vice Chair
Joseph Daloisio, Secretary
Ari Bernstein, Mayor
Melissa Bergen
Patty Davis
Susanne Lovisolo
Ron Kistner, Borough Administrator
Steve Sasso, Council’s Representative

Tyler Yaccarino – Alternate 1
Robert Forbes – Alternate 2

Christopher C. Botta, Esq.

Ed Snieckus

Michael Vreeland


Applications are reviewed by the board in cases where the literal and rigid interpretation and enforcement of the zoning laws would cause hardship or injustice. An applicant must meet specific criteria contained in the MLUL by proving the hardship, special need, benefits, and negative criteria. The burden of proof is placed on the applicant to demonstrate that the requested relief is justified without impeding anyone else’s rights.


Owners of property situated within 200 feet of any proposed major subdivision, application for site plan approval or variance application will receive notice of a public hearing. All are welcome to attend the public meetings of the board and are invited to ask questions regarding any application that may appear on the agenda. Agendas are posted on our website and the bulletin board in the lobby.

Land Use Board Variance Application with fees

Click here to view the Borough Master Plan.

Periodic Re-Examination of the Master Plan and Master Plan Amendment – 12/21/2017