Orange and Rockland Construction Project

Regarding the current construction project in the area of Franklin Turnpike and the Crescent Avenue area, this is a Rockland Electric project designed to fortify this area, which experiences frequent power outages. Many residents in this location lose power due to falling trees resulting in down power lines. This project is routing cables underground direct from the Heights Road substation to utility poles at the intersection of West Crescent Avenue and Franklin Turnpike. This will give Rockland Electric a speedier way to re-route and restore power to the affected area.
Phase 1 of the project involved trenching the roadway and sidewalks for the pipes. This phase of the project is almost complete. Phase 2 will involve pulling the cables through the underground pipes and to the utility poles. Finally, overhead work to connect all the cables will complete the project.
While this has been an inconvenience traveling through this area, the hope is that it will be the best solution to alleviating long term outages during any storm in the future.
The Allendale Police Department has been working with the contractor to keep traffic moving as smoothly as possible. Thank you for your patience.
Questions can also be directed to Orange and Rockland at: